Grow Your Business With Authenticity & Heart

Authentic Marketing is a high-touch program custom designed for people who are ready to turn their inner fire towards outward manifestation and bring their passion to life. 

If you are a yogi, healer, artist or conscious business owner and want to authentically grow a sustainable, profitable business, apply for a strategy call below. 


1:1 Coaching

Work directly with Krista & her team  to create a strategy for success. 

90 Days

In just 12 weeks you will know where to invest your time and money to move forward in your business.

Authentic Marketing Method

Work through our proven process that has created succ


"In just 1 call Krista completely changed my mindset of how I can grow this school and what a resource of richness we have at our fingertips. She re-ignited the Tapas inside of me to move forward with vigor, strength and focus. Wow."

-Lauren Ruddick, Yoga Academy International


At the heart of Authentic Audience is the pulse of its founder, Krista Lettko. Authentic Audience is the natural progression of Krista’s previous successes in building million-plus Instagram followings, tripling online awareness and engagement for her brands, and coaching hundreds of seasoned and novice business owners to find and speak their truths to their clients, thereby establishing a sustainable bedrock of loyal and engaged consumers. 

Because Krista intimately understands the web of personal passions, online platforms, and the human networks that drive success, she is able to create and hone stunning and compelling brands.

 She will celebrate with you as you exceed even your own best expectations of yourself, because she sees businesses and people as authentic connections that are diverse and full of potential.

The Authentic Marketing Program

In this 90-day program, you will be equipped with all the resources you need to create a sustainable, profitable business with positive impact. We will be with your every step of the way with 1:1 calls where we will deep-dive into everything you are creating. This program includes everything you need to move forward with confidence and step into your power in your business. 

The first step is to get on a strategy call where we can deep-dive into your business and everything you are creating. On this call you will learn where to put your effort, time, and money, how to position your offer for success and a roadmap of where you need to go next.

Book a Strategy Call

Are you feeling 'stuck' with your marketing strategy? Unsure how to grow your business without selling your soul?

In this strategy call, you will:

• Learn how to authentically position your offer

• Learn the steps to creating a sustainable, profitable business from your existing following

• Get clear on your business goals and priorities and shift your mindset towards success

• Understand how marketing actually works and how to apply it to your specific business

"Krista helped me see my business, and its potential, in a way that I might’ve never been able to see myself. Her passion, authenticity, talent and vision were, and continue to be, fundamental to the growth and success of my business. I don’t know where I’d be without her!"

-Emory Hall, Emory Hall Photography

"It's been my good fortune to have met Krista. She changed my whole relationship with my complicated online platform in mere days— it went from hard work and confusing to simplicity and ease. I am so grateful for this team and their superb work ethic and abilities. How to make dreams come true: Authentic Audience is the answer."

-Debra Silverman, Debra Silverman Astrology

"Working with Krista is like setting fire to all of the road blocks that may be keeping you from getting to the next level, regardless of where you are at in your business. She wastes no time jumping in giving you solutions and giving you an actionable plan that you are able to implement the minute you get off the phone with her. I can’t recommend working with her enough."

-Sarah Nelson